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Summer Training

For the summer training schedule if you were a varsity runner last year (or ran at least 1 varsity race), you will run with the A Group. If you are new to cross country or were not on the varsity team last year you should follow the training for the B Group. IF YOU ARE NEW TO CROSS COUNTRY THEN PLEASE START WITH THE LOWER END ON THE RANGE AND WORK YOUR WAY UP. (For example, if it says Easy pace 2-3 miles, then run three miles if you ran last year but only run 2 miles if this is your first XC experience).

Strides should be roughly 200 meters at Mile pace

Core Workouts should address your upper abs, lower abs and obliques so please select at least one from each of these categories in the photo below. 

Hip Exercises include:
Fire Hydrants 
Donkey Kicks
Glute Bridge
90/90 Stretch
Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch 
(these can be googled if you are unsure what one is)

Mile Cut Downs: First Mile should be easy pace, then each mile thereafter should decrease by 15 seconds. For example if my easy pace is 8:30 then my second mile should be 8:15, third mile should be 8:00 etc...

Interval Workout: Ideally the rest for an interval should be equal to the amount of time it took to run the interval to 5 minutes. For example if you are running 400M repeats and you are finishing them in 1:30 then you should aim to only take 1:30 or rest. This is unobtainable for most middle school runners so just try to take as little rest as possible that still allows you to do all of the intervals at a consistent pace. 

Farlek Run: This is just one example of a Farlek Run. You can read more into these if you are interested. This is structured the way that it is simply so that it is easy for the runners to remember. Total of 35 minutes alternating pace every 5 minutes.

  • 5 Min Easy Pace - 5 Min Tempo Pace - 5 Min Easy Pace - 5 Min Tempo Pace - 5 Min Easy Pace - 5 Min Tempo Pace - 5 Min Easy Pace

Pace Chart - Here are three examples of an easy pace and a tempo pace based on a 3K race. If you ran for me last year and do not remember what times you ran feel free to email me and I can tell you. If you are new to running then I would try to run a 3K (1.86Miles) as fast as you can while being timed and go from there. 

3K Time       Easy Pace          Tempo Pace
10:30            7:30-7:35               6:15-6:20
12:30            8:50-8:55               7:20-7:25
14:30           10:05-10:10            8:25-8:30

Here is a link that you can plug your 3K pace into and it will tell you an easy pace and a tempo pace for you.

Ab Workouts