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Roles and Responsibilities

Working in a middle school, we work hard to ensure our students are supported academically as well as personally. Middle school is typically a time for students to learn their personal method for organization, time management style, and ideas for how they can handle stress, all while also building their interpersonal skills and self-confidence. While Summit teachers do an amazing job helping students learn content and problem solving through an assignment, sometimes students come to Guidance for additional assistance. To help get a better idea of the day-to-day job functions of school counselors, please see the bullets below defining some of our responsibilities.

  • Provide academic, emotional & social one-on-one or group counseling for students
  • Facilitators for conflict mediation conversations between students
  • Master schedule creators - Academic class scheduling for all students & teachers
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP) Small groups' leadership   
  • Crosswinds Counseling Program facilitators: 5 free sessions per student per year
  • Sources of Strength Team (AKA: Student Ambassadors) Leaders/trainers
  • Section 504 Plan Coordinators: Planning, renewing & liaison for parents/staff
  • Participants and note takers for special education case conferences
  • ALICE School Safety Program: Annual training, drills and support for staff/students
  • Bullying/harassment classroom lessons and intervention specialists
  • Participants in the students' Honors data review & placement team
  • PBIS team members
  • Coordinators and celebrants of the monthly Falcons of the Month recognitions
  • Assist with the dress code policy violators
  • New students registration, schedule builders and tour guides
  • Daily lunch time duty monitors
  • Collaborators with staff members, parents, students and/or community members in the best interest of any Summit student.