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Summit Attendance Line

24 Hour Attendance Phone Line:  260-431-2505

Reporting an Absence

Summit Middle School asks parents to call the school attendance line if your student is going to be absent or will be arriving late to school. 

Reporting an Absence or Late Arrival 

If your son/daughter is going to be absent from school, a parent/guardian is required to call the Summit attendance line. Absences must be reported by 9:00 AM on the day of the absence. 

The phone number is 260-431-2505. This line is available 24 hours by recording. Please include the following in your message:

  • Your name, your student’s name, student’s grade level, date of the absence
  • Reason for absence/late arrival

If your son/daughter is absent due to an appointment, have them turn in the doctor’s note to the office upon their arrival. Your doctor may email doctor’s notes to Mary Leininger, Attendance Secretary at

Early Dismissal/Late Arrival

Early Dismissals

If your son/daughter will be leaving early, the parent/guardian must send a handwritten note to school with the student. The note should include the following: student’s name, grade, and the date and time of the early dismissal. Please state who will be picking the student up if it will be someone other than parent/guardian. 

Your student should bring the note to the office prior to the start of school, and they will be given an early dismissal pass. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A VOICEMAIL FOR EARLY DISMISSALS on the Attendance phone line. 

Pick-up Procedures for Parents with Regard to Student Early Dismissals

Please park at Door #1 and ring the bell.  Please give the office your name and let them know you are here to pick up a student.  At the table in the atrium you will sign your student out from school.  We will send the student out to meet you in the atrium.

Late Arrivals

Parents do not need to sign their student in at the office. Students should be dropped off at Door #1, check-in at the front desk and turn in their doctor’s excuse (if they have one).

No Notification-School Procedures

School Procedures if a Parent has not notified the School of an Absence

If the student is not in school, and the parent has NOT reported the absence, the attendance secretary will make every attempt to notify the parent using the following procedures:

1.)    Contact the parent(s) at home, work, and/or by cell phone.
2.)    If the school is unable to contact a parent, the emergency contacts will be called.
3.)    The school administrators will be notified of any students whose parents and emergency contacts were unable to be reached.

General Absence Information

Absences beyond the ten parent/guardian excused absences in a school year will be coded as truancies unless excused by written note from a physician.  Such absences are subject to disciplinary action as established in the school handbook.  *If a student misses ALL or PART of a school day without documentation from a physician or dentist, then the student absence will be counted as one of the student’s ten (10) allowed parent/guardian excused absences per school year.