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Athletic Department Message

The schools and community members are very proud of the athletic history and tradition of the Southwest Allen County Middle Schools. Our athletic programs reflect the schools’ overall commitment to excellence. We are proud to provide a number of athletic offerings for our young people. We believe that providing these opportunities for competition enhances the overall development of our student athletes and extends the educational mission of our school.

Sportsmanship Statement

Good sportsmanship is a characteristic that we desire to be exhibited by members of our athletic teams. We take a pro-active stance and encourage good sportsmanship to grow and remain strong for many years to come. Good sportsmanship demands that our players be good people, take responsibility for their actions, and show consideration for all others. We expect teams to show pride in their abilities, have humility in their accomplishments, and display great confidence without arrogance. Teams are expected to exhibit the same characteristics in victory or defeat. Teams will show respect for opponents, officials, and fans. Cooperation is needed by athletes, coaches, officials, students, parents, and other spectators. Please support our student athletes by being a good sport. BE A FAN – NOT A FANATIC.

If you believe that organized sports can contribute to living a healthy life, that the positive values and virtues developed on the playing field can last a lifetime, and that good character influences enjoyment, satisfaction and performance, then our athletics program is for you.