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About Us

Welcome to Summit Middle School.  

Middle school marks a significant transition in a student’s academic life, and Summit Middle School is here to support and guide students every step of the way. As they step through the doors of our school, students will embark on a path filled with new experiences, friendships, and opportunities for growth and discovery.

A Nurturing Environment:

At Summit Middle School, we take great pride in providing a nurturing and inclusive environment where every student feels valued and respected. Our dedicated team of educators and staff is committed to fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere where students thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


Exploring New Horizons:

Students will be introduced to a diverse and engaging curriculum designed to challenge their minds and ignite their curiosity. From mathematics, science, and language arts to history, the arts, and physical education, students have the chance to explore a wide range of subjects, discovering their passions and talents along the way.


Growing Together:

Middle school is not just about academics; it's about personal growth and character development. We believe in nurturing not only a student’s intellect but also their compassion, empathy, and leadership skills. We encourage students to embrace challenges, learn from failures, and celebrate their achievements, both big and small.


Friendships and Connections: 

Students have the opportunity to forge new friendships and create lasting memories. Students are encouraged to embrace the chance to learn from one another, share experiences, and build a sense of camaraderie that will last a lifetime.


A Supportive Network:

Summit’s school counselors are a valuable resource for students and parents contributing to the overall well-being and success as a Falcon. Playing a multifaceted role, our counselors work to provide academic support, personal and social development, career exploration and guidance, crisis intervention, conflict resolution, parent and family support, and referrals and collaboration.