Daily Schedule for May

Daily Schedule for May
Posted on 04/23/2020

Here is Summit Middle School's schedule of Green, White, and Falcon Days for the last week of April through May, 2020:

April 27: Falcon Day
April 28: Green Day
April 29: White Day
April 30: Falcon Day
May 1: Green Day

May 4: White Day
May 5: Falcon Day
May 6: Green Day
May 7: White Day
May 8: Falcon Day

May 11: Green Day
May 12: White Day
May 13: Falcon Day
May 14: Green Day
May 15: White Day

May 18: Falcon Day
May 19: Green Day
May 20: White Day
May 21: TBA
May 22: TBA

May 25: Memorial Day—no school
May 26: TBA
May 27: TBA
May 28: TBA
May 29: First Day of Summer Break!

 Green and White Days will be conducted as eLearning days where teachers post assignments while following normal eLearning guidelines. Exceptions being:

  • Green/White Day assignments can be due no earlier than the next corresponding Green/White Day.
  • Given unique circumstances and goals of extended eLearning days, students should expect that instructional progress will be made with a lighter work load while maintaining a sense of community.

 Falcon Days will be conducted in between every pair of Green/White Days and used to ensure appropriate pacing and connectedness among class members by:

  • Providing additional time for teacher contact/office hours
  • Making connections
  • Providing feedback, etc.

*On Falcon Days, teachers will not provide new content instruction nor will they assign a deliverable to students. However, students should see the Canvas Calendar for information/resources from all their teachers for each of their classes.