Time Capsule Opening

Twenty-five years later, SMS Opens Time Capsule
Posted on 10/31/2018

 Twenty-five Years Later,
Summit Middle School Opens Time Capsule

The year was 1993 and Southwest Allen
County Schools celebrated the grand opening of Summit Middle School (SMS). As part of the celebration, a time capsule was filled, marked and buried. On November 1, after 25 years, staff, students and alumni retrieved and opened the container. 

Dr. Joshua St. John, current principal, welcomed guests and staff in the atrium of the school where the time capsule was placed 25 years ago. Buried beneath the trophy case, staff unearthed the vessel and wheeled it to the cafeteria while current students watched the event on a LIVE feed throughout SMS' classrooms.   

Once inside the cafeteria, alumni staff were able to pull items from the time capsule and share them with the audience.  

After going through many of the items inside, including newspapers, letters from Indiana dignitaries, staff and students, it was clear the time capsule was intended to not only leave a legacy but to connect former students and staff with SMS’ future.

Sue Jehl a teacher at SMS today and in 1993 was thrilled to participate in today's event. "What a wonderful opportunity to not only see former coworkers, it was exciting to see what we thought was important in 1993.”

In addition to cataloging what was found in the 1993 time capsule, SMS has plans to bury a new capsule this year. Earmarked for 2043, staff and students have announced plans to collect items that commemorate the spirit of the year 2018 at Summit Middle School and within the Southwest Allen County Schools community. 

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Unearthing the time capsule

Introducing items found in the time capsule

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