Community Dialogues:"Discussing Facility Improvements in SACS"

Discussing Facility Improvements in SACS
Posted on 08/15/2017

Southwest Allen County Schools is conducting a series of community dialogues designed to seek community input as to what it would like to see for the next 20-30 years in SACS’ facilities, maintenance and capital improvements/plans.

The public meetings will focus on two scenarios that identify a general scope of work needed within the SACS district, followed by discussions exploring possible approaches to financing. 

“Public input is critically important to the ongoing success of SACS,” says Dr. Philip G. Downs, SACS Superintendent. “We are a growing District at a point that our facilities’ needs are large enough that our community needs to have say how we move forward.”

SACS administrators and School Board members hope these meetings will provide them continued input and guidance from the community helping to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the options and how to position SACS for future growth and continued success. 

The meeting schedule:

  • Monday August 21, 7pm at Whispering Meadows Elementary School (415 Mission Hill Drive)
  • Wednesday August 23, 7pm at Lafayette Meadows Elementary School (11420 Ernst Road)
  • Thursday August 24, 7pm at Homestead High School (4310 Homestead Road)
  • Sunday August 27, 2pm at Deer Ridge Elementary School (1515 S. Scott Road)
  • Monday August 28, 7pm at Covington Elementary School (2430 W. Hamilton Road, South)

Questions? Please feel free to contact SACS District Office at 431.2016.

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