Parent Newsletters

Dear Falcon Parents,


After much consideration and strategizing we have chosen our conference team. We considered several factors and chose a competitive team to represent Summit Middle School. Congratulations to all those who made the conference team, and congratulations to everyone else for a successful season.  We are proud of you all!  We have seen so much improvement! Tomorrow is never a guarantee, but if we make it thru tomorrow, we will have made it longer than last season!

Our conference swimmers are:


Girls: Olivia Katzel, Kyndall Kearns, Isabel Medina, Lola Ross, Madison Wisel, Ada Wolf, Anna Yates, Jessica Birkle, Alli Heine, Greta Knecht, Macartney Mahler, Lauryn Davis, Addison Hawkins, Lily Hollandsworth, Anna Poswinski, Kalynne Pressler,

Boys: Rehan Benjamin, Ryan Branscome, Owen Hill, Nolan Hockemeyer, Graysen Mays, Matthew Warner, Evan Wilke, Aidan Crouch, Everett Loney, Hayden Lynam, Logan Poswinski, Jackson Pyle, Alex Birkle, Daniel Jones, Everett Thorson

Divers: Mae Hardin, McKenna Wendland, Maddie Emrick, Jacob Todd, Cruz Rothenbush, Liam Clapper


The lineup is will follow soon, and the only changes allowed will be to substitute an alternate if an alternate is specified. This is the only meet where we do not take requests. We have positioned all of our talent to represent Summit as best we can. If an “A” is next to the time, the swimmer is an alternate for that event.  Alternates will still warm up with the team. We have enough depth and enough talent, that we are taking a few kids that are alternates only.


Unfortunately, we will not be able to take anyone on the bus with us who is not on the conference roster. For those that did not make the conference team, we encourage them to try out for track or soccer.


Carroll does not allow us to have food on deck (drinks, yes), so conference swimmers and divers should go home after school, get something to eat, and come back by 4:00.  Bus will leave at 4:15. Meet starts at 5:45 with diving.


Mark your calendars for the end of season awards night on Thursday, March 25 in the Summit Cafeteria from 5:30-6.  Unfortunately we cannot have any food or drink this year.


If anyone has pictures from the season, please see if you can add them to the Google photos that we have started already.



Monday, March 15, girls conference, no boys practice, be at school 4:00, bus leaves 4:15

Tuesday, Mar 16, boys conference, no girls practice, be at school 4:00, bus leaves at 4:15.

Thursday, March 25, Swim and Dive team awards night, 5:30-6, Summit Cafeteria




Peace be with you,

Deb, Cherry, Amy

Dear Falcon Parents,

February is behind us.  Once we start having our meets, the season just flies by.  Thank you to everyone who helped at the meet on Wednesday. We appreciate you! The kids did a super job swimming and diving.

Our last regular season meet will be Tuesday, March 9, at Bluffton.  Sorry no spectators will be allowed. This is a 6 lane pool in a small natatorium so we cannot take our whole team. All of our divers will attend this meet as well as our 8th and 6th grader swimmers.  There is no Summit swim practice for 7th grade on Tuesday. Make sure the kids get a snack or a meal after school.  Be at Summit at 4:00.  Bus leaves at 4:15. We might not be home until about 9:00. I will send out a note on Remind when we are about 10 minutes from Summit.

On Monday, March 8, Woodside has a home meet, so we do not have swim or dive practice. Friday, March 12 is our last day of practice and is also a flex day, so we will have optional swim and dive practice at the regular times. 

The conference has decided that no spectators will be allowed in to the championship meets and that they do not need our timers.  Thank you to everyone who has signed up, but NACS will be taking care of timers. They will livestream the meet on the ISHAA channel. Check Remind from Feb 24, for the livestream link.

Would you please check your kids’ bags to see if anyone picked up a grey/black pair of boys pants on accident Thursday night? One of our swimmers came in with pants, but left with none!


Monday, March 8            NO SWIM OR DIVE PRACTICE (Woodside home meet)

Tuesday, March 9            6th and 8th grade swimmers and ALL divers to Bluffton.  Be at Summit 4:00. Bus leaves at 4:15.

                                             7th grade swimmers, NO PRACTICE

Thursday, March 11        NO DIVE PRACTICE

Friday, March 12              Last day of practice.  Optional swim and dive practices, regular time


Monday, March 15          Girls Championship meet

Tuesday, March 16          Boys Championship meet

Thursday, March 25        Awards Night


Peace be with you,

Deb, Cherry, Amy

Dear Falcon Parents,

Wow.  All we can say is, wow.  We continue to be impressed by the attitudes, work ethic, and performances of your kids. The divers are learning new dives and the swimmers are getting faster!

All of our divers scored at the Maple Creek meet!  Only 2 meets left until conference.  Keep focusing!

We still have to wear masks at all times, everywhere, except in the water.  Please make sure your swimmer/diver is coming to practice and meets with a mask.

Locker decorations look great!  Thank you!  (Divers, you will be getting yours soon!  We are doing our best.)

We are still missing a couple $10 athletic fees.  If you have not turned yours in, please turn it in soon.

The kids had their pictures taken on Tuesday, and in case you forgot to send your picture form, your kids will bring home a reorder sheet with instructions how to order.  You will never regret getting pictures!

Our last home meet will be this Wednesday, March 3, and it is 8th grade appreciation. Since the 1 spectator/athlete rule is still in effect, we have added a few more “volunteer” positions to our sign up genius.  If you are an 8th grade parent and would like to come to the meet, please sign up on the form. If we need more slot, please let us know. Sign up under the 3/3/21 meet.

Is there anyone who would be willing to livesteam the meet on Wed?  Please let us know ASAP or sign up on the sign up genius.

One final thought.  We will be choosing our conference team after the Carroll meet on Wednesday.  As we mentioned at the parent meeting in January, the kids need to earn a spot on the conference team based on their performance during the season.  We will be choosing a small, fast team and we will be setting it up to represent Summit the best way we can.  (We are out to WIN this meet!) We will announce the conference team sometime after the Bluffton meet on March 9.

Hard to believe we are almost at the end of our season.


Wednesday, Mar 3          Carroll @ Summit.  Kids need to be at Summit at 4:30, meet starts at 5:30

                                             8th grade appreciation after dive, before swim

Thursday, Mar 4               No dive practice.

Peace be with you,

Deb, Cherry, Amy

Dear Falcon Parents,

The girls and the divers did a great job on Wednesday.  So sorry, but we were not able to reschedule the boys meet.

Pictures were rescheduled to this Tuesday, Feb 23, 2:30, before the Crestview meet. Everyone will stay after school for pictures, then the 7th and 8th grade girls and boys swim team will head to Crestview. Divers will have regular practice that day, and 6th grade swimmers will need to be picked up after pictures, about 3:30.  This will be a long day for the swimmers, please pack an extra meal for them.  The bus will leave for the Crestview meet at 4:15.  Crestview is not letting us bring any spectators.

Thursday, Feb 25, the whole team will head to the Carroll pool for the Maple Creek meet.  Our bus departure time is not confirmed yet.  Watch Remind. No fans in the stands.

For the club swimmers trying to get divisional or state cuts, please let us know in advance the events you are looking for.  We will do our best to get them into at least one, if not more, of the events that they need. If the kids do get a cut, they need to let us know and we will put a copy of the results in their coach’s mailbox.  We do not automatically know who got a cut.

Spirit wear is in.  We are handing it out as we see the kids.

Please remember we need the transportation form returned to us if you intend to drive your child to and from a meet, and a hand written note if you intend to drive your child home from a meet.


Tuesday, Feb 23               2:30 pictures for everyone

                                             4:15 7th and 8th grade boys and girls swim team to Crestview

                                             4:15 divers practice at Summit

Thursday, Feb 25             time tbd, entire swim and dive team be at Summit. 

                                             Time tbd, bus leaves for Maple Creek.  Meet starts at 6:00



Peace be with you,

Deb, Cherry, Amy

Dear Falcon Parents,

Our kids looked GREAT at the meet on Wednesday!  Thank you to everyone who volunteered in every capacity.  We appreciate you all, and we can’t make this happen without you.

There are still just a few of you that haven’t yet turned in the athletic fee.  Please turn that in ASAP.

We just sent home a transportation form with your kids.  If you will be transporting them TO and FROM the meet, we need to have that paper back.

Boys swim against Norwell on Tuesday.  Boys should go home and have something to eat.  No food or drink on the bus. Be at the Summit pool at 4:00, bus leaves at 4:15.  No girls swim practice.  No dive practice. Since it is only half a meet, I am guessing we should be home between 7 and 7:30.  We will have the kids call from the bus when we are about 5-10 min from school.

Wednesday, everyone has pictures at 2:30.  Boys need to be picked up by 3:30.  Girls and ALL divers will ride to Norwell.  Bus leaves at 4:15, and we should be back between 7:30 and 8. This will be a long day.  Please send some food for the girls and divers to eat after school.  No food or drink on the bus. No boys swim practice.

If your child will ride the bus to the meet, but not home, we need a hand written note that you will be taking them home. This may be a moot point because we will not be allowed to bring spectators to Norwell, but we need physical proof that you are there. Kids may only go home with their immediate family. 

The Norwell natatorium is cold.  Please send along a parka, shammy, or extra towels for your kids.

No swim or dive practice on Thursday because Woodside has a home meet.

The kids need to wear masks at our pool, they will need to wear masks on the bus, and masks at Norwell.

Continuing to look ahead, Tuesday, Feb 23, 8th and 7th to Crestview (no diving at Crestview, practice instead), Thursday, Feb 25, everyone goes to Maple Creek.  More details next week.

Spirit wear is in! We will get it to the kids as we see them. Current 7th graders start thinking about your design for next year!


Mon, Feb 15              OPTIONAL Swim practice regular time, no dive practice

Tues, Feb 16              Boys meet @ Norwell, be at school at 4:00, NO GIRLS PRACTICE! No dive practice

Wed, Feb 17              Pictures 2:30 after school, everyone, Girls and divers to Norwell, NO BOYS PRACTICE! No dive practice

Thurs, Feb 18             NO swim or dive PRACTICE (Woodside home meet)

Fri, Feb 19                  Swim and dive practices at normal times


Peace be with you,

Deb, Cherry, Amy

Dear Falcon Parents,

Well, we are lucky we made it this far before we had our first snow day! This is typical. Thank you for being flexible with us.  When school is cancelled due to weather, the SACS administration makes a decision whether or not it is safe for evening activities to continue despite the school cancellation.  They make this call usually 1:00-2:00 pm.  One of us will send out a note on Remind as soon as we know one way or the other. If we do have practice on a school cancellation day, it will always be optional.

Please remember to send masks with your kids.  They must wear them upon entering the Natatorium and while on deck.

Our first meet is this Wednesday, Feb 10. The Jamboree is our fun meet with our friends at Woodside.  It is our chance to practice and work out all our bugs before we race against other teams. For this reason, we pair our 8th graders with our new 6th graders in relays so the kids will know what to do at future meets. 

On Wednesday, the kids need to go home after school, have a snack, and come back by 4:15. We do not have supervision at the school until 4:15. We will have a swim team meeting at 4:15 and warm ups will be soon after that. Divers need to report to the diving well at 4:30. The kids need to be ready to go. The meet starts at 5:30 with diving and will run a little long because it is a learning meet. We will be passing out swim caps. Each swimmer/diver will get one. If you don’t have your team suit, don’t worry. We do have locker room privileges on meet days, so the kids will be able to change out of their suits after the meet is over.  Remember, the kids will not be excused until after the entire meet is over and we have cleaned up our bleacher area. The kids should bring a sharpie marker with them for the meet. We could use 1 or 2 high school helpers.  Please let me know if you have a Summit swim team alumna/us that will help!

You will receive the lineup thru REMIND on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, so the kids will know what they are swimming on Wednesday. It is very possible that we will have to make a few changes, but we will communicate that with the kids on Wednesday. We will help the kids read the lineup and heat sheets on Wednesday. Please let us know ASAP if for some reason your child will not be able to make it to the meet on Wednesday.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered. You will get in for free.  Since we are the home team, we are allowed 1 spectator per athlete to attend the meet. All volunteers and spectators must wear a mask! Woodside will not be allowed to bring spectators if they are not volunteering! We could still use some photographers.

There have been a few changes with the upcoming meet schedule.  Norwell has a small natatorium, a 6 lane pool, and covid restrictions, so we will be taking our boys on Tuesday, Feb 16 to Norwell.  Girls will not have practice on that day.  We will have pictures after school on Wed, Feb 17, then we will be taking the girls and all divers to Norwell.  Boys will not have practice on Wednesday. We will remind you of this next week as well. Crestview and Bluffton are also small nats with 6 lanes pools, so we will be taking our 8th graders and 7th graders to Crestview and our 8th graders and 6th graders to Bluffton. No spectators will be allowed.


Wednesday, Feb 10, Jamboree!  Kids be at the pool at 4:15, masks required, meet starts at 5:30 with diving.


Here we go!

Peace be with you,

Deb, Cherry, Amy

Parent letter 1

Dear Falcon Parents,

Your kids have worked so hard this week!  We have set the bar HIGH and they are reaching UP! Swimmers spent most of their first week of practice working on strokes, starts, turns, and conditioning. Divers are working hard to learn new dives.  The kids have done great!

Thank you for picking your kids up within 15 minutes of the end of practice.  This is especially important on Fridays as coaches have other places to be after practice, but must stay until last swimmer is picked up.

Thank you to all of you who attended the parent meeting.  For those of you who didn’t, you have 10 push ups!  😊

Please turn in your $10 athletic fee ASAP. Checks payable to Summit Middle School.

Yellow cards need to be turned in by Monday.  They were due the first day!  If you won’t be at practice, turn them into the office and we can get them there.

Spirit wear deadline to order is Feb 1! Use the link on our website. Code is on the website page (NTX8H). Our spirit wear is the best!  Thanks Aliya!

You can order your swimsuits thru our team store.  The suits are very durable and should last all 3 years. Your kids will probably outgrow them before they wear out.  Order them soon so you have them for our first meet!

Grade check is coming up Feb 1!  Make sure those assignments are turned in!

We still need volunteers for our swim meets.  Your kids are so proud of you when they see you volunteering!  We could still use some photographers.

I know many of the kids on the team have older brothers and sisters that swam for Summit! We need about 4 high school kids to help us on deck for the Jamboree, Wed, Feb 10!  Please let me know if your high schooler will help!

Tentatively on Thursday, Feb 4, in the Cafetorium before practice, 5:45, we will take a look at some videos to see how the best of the best swim.

Don’t forget to send a baggie for your swimmer to place their mask into while they are swimming. (They must wear their masks while on deck.)


Monday, Feb 1, FLEX DAY, OPTIONAL swim and dive practice, regular times, if weather permits

Wednesday, Feb 3, No dive practice

Thursday, Feb 4, No dive practice, tentative: swimmers meet in cafetorium at 5:45 to view some swim videos.

Friday, Feb 5, No dive practice

Peace be with you,

Deb, Cherry, Amy