Parent Newsletters

Dear Falcon Parents,

Congratulations to all of our Falcon 8thgraders. We can't believe the season is almost over! Thank you to all of our timers, volunteers and parents and grandparents. Thank you to the Shurtz family for the amazing locker decorations!

After much consideration and strategizing we have chosen our conference team. It took us 3 hours, but we chose a small, fast team. Remember, we can only take one relay and can only enter 3 people per event. We used the times from the current season to place swimmers in events that would maximize the points for Summit and make us most competitive. Congratulation to all those who made the conference team, and congratulations to everyone else for a successful season. We are proud of you all! We have seen so much improvement! Our conference swimmers are:

Girls: Caylee Chalk, Laela Harouff, Rachel Lenardson, Emmalyn Meyer, Bridget Quehl, Evie Quehl, Payton Coulter, Mia Herber, Kaylee Oberlin, Bella Smith, Peyton Swinford, Jillian Lynam, Hayden Shurtz, Maggie Steward

Boys: Ethan Dalton, Jose Guzman, Max Heisler, Aidan Parsley, Matthew Quintos, Tyler Veit, Justin Weiland, Logan Biddle, Ethan Wise, Thomas Hill, Austin McGrogan, Finn Parsley, Adam Pengelly, Alex Warner

Divers: Caron King, Gavin Clapper, Noah Smith, Alec Betancourt

The lineup should be attached and the only changes allowed are to substitute alternates if an alternate was specified.

We have MANDATORY practice for ALL GIRLS AND BOYS who made the conference swim team on MONDAY, Mar 13,2:30-3:30(Notice the time change! We have to practice after school because diving prelimbs will be held in the evening). We understand there is a band concert that night and if swim conflicts with band at all, please fulfill your obligations to band! MANDATORY practice for ALL BOYS who made the conference team on WEDNESDAY, Mar 15,5:00-6:00(This one is really odd for us, but our time change was due to pool staffing). Divers, please refer to Coach Amy for practice times. For all those who did not make the conference team. The last day of practice is Friday, Mar 10. If you did not make the conference team, we encourage you to try out for soccer or track! If you did make the conference team, please inform your coaches of your obligations to swim before you go to your other sport.

Tickets for conference. If your child is swimming in conference, you will receive 2 tickets which allow you tobuy tickets. This is confusing, but space is very limited, so you must have a ticket in order tobuya ticket to get into conference. We will hand out tickets on Monday. We need to supply 2 timers for both girls and boys conference. One sure way to get in for free and be in on the action is tosign up to be a timer!!!! Boys slots are full (thank you), still need 2 timers for girls conference.

Divers- note from Coach Amy - We have a big week next week, so make sure all your homework is turned in, stay focused, and do your best! We are all excited for you!

Upcoming Events

Fri, Mar 10 - last day of practice for swimmers who did not make the conference team

Mon, Mar 13 -Mandatorypractice for all conference girls and boys,2:30-3:30

Diving Prelims at Summit

Tues, Mar 14 - GIRLS CONFERENCE! Be at the school at 3:45, bus leaves at 4:00!

Boys - no practice

Wed, Mar 15 -Mandatorypractice for all conference boys,5:00-6:00

Thurs, Mar 16 - BOYS CONFERENCE! Be at the school at 3:45, bus leaves at 4:00!

Tues, Mar 21 - End of seasonpartyinSummitCafetorium, 5:30!

We've almost made it . . . LETS GO FALCONS!!!!

Coach Rachel

Coach Deb

Coach Amy

Dear Falcon Parents,

Wow, last week was busy, but this week will be busy too. Thank you to Mr. Wyss who stopped by this week to talk with us about bullying. We have to work as a team by supporting one another. A few notes on attendance, the SACS policy states that in order for our athletes to be eligible to participate in practice or a meet, they must be in school by 10:55 am. If they are absent in the afternoon, they must stay until at least 10:55 am. We rely on you to tell us if your student is at school or not. Please let us know ASAP especially on meet days.

This is our last week of regular season meets, and the time has flown by! We will be at Bluffton on Tues, 3/7, and everyone is going unless we have contacted you already. Bus leaves at 4:00 from Summit. To our club kids that are swimming divisionals this weekend, if you achieve a state cut, please have your coach contact me ASAP and we will sit you out from the Bluffton meet on Tuesday. The meet starts with diving at 5:30. Enter door 6 at the middle school, northwest corner of the building, facing west.

Thursday, 3/9 is our last home meet and is 8thgrade recognition. Please have kids at the pool by 4:30. We will recognize our 8thgraders after diving.

Tuesday, Mar 7, we will be making our banner for our 8thgraders before the bus leaves for Bluffton. Any 7thgraders that would like to help are welcome to meet us in the hallway behind the locker rooms at 3:00.

We can't emphasize enough to the kids to do their best at every meet. It doesn't matter what lane, heat, or relay they are in. We are choosing our conference team after the meet on Tues. We are choosing by time, behavior in practice,attitude and are taking the fastest team possible. This means that not everyone will go to conference. We will announce our conference team at practice on Friday, 3/10. For those swimmers that do not make the conference team, the last day of practice will be Fri, Mar 10.

Each athlete that makes the conference team will be given 2 tickets, and these tickets allow you tobuytickets to the meet. Seating is very limited at Carroll, so you must have a ticket in order tobuya ticket to see the meet.

We look forward to seeing all club swimmers who have finished their season at Summit practice.

To those trying out for soccer or track, you must complete your swim obligations before you go to soccer or track. Let your coaches know! Notice below the new practice times for the week of conference!

If anyone left headphones on the bus after the Maple Creek meet last Monday, please call the bus garage and arrange to pick them up.

Upcoming events

Mon, Mar 6, regular practice

Tues, Mar 7, work on 8thgrade banner from 3-3:45, leave for Bluffton at 4:00

Wed, Mar 8, regular practice

Thurs, Mar 9, home meet against E Noble. Be at pool by 4:30

Fri, Mar 10, conference line up announced. Last day of practice for those that do not make the conference team.

Please note the new practice times for the conference team.

Mon, Mar 13, girls and boys conference team practice2:30-3:30

Tues, Mar 14, girls conference, no boys practice

Wed, Mar 15 boys conference team practice,5:00-6:00

Thurs, Mar 16, boys conference

Tues, Mar 21, 5:30 banquet in Summit Cafetorium

May the peace that surpasses all understanding be with you, and


Coach Deb

Coach Rachel

Coach Amy

Dear Falcon Parents,

Thank you again to all who have signed up to volunteer. You make a positive impact in our lives.J

We have 2 away meets this week, both at Carroll Middle School.Because of the later start time for NACS schools, the meetstart timefor these meets is6:00. Kids need to be at Summit no later than 4:45, ourbuswill leave Summitat 5:00.

Remember for all away meets, if your child does not ride the bus home, you must give us awritten note,not a text or an email.A child can only go home with his/her immediate family. Also, please remember that the swimmers may not leave after their last event and they may not get dressed before the last relay is over (divers excluded).We need to look and act like a team. I hate to quote a cliché, but "There is no "I" in TEAM" is so true.It is a hard enough lesson for adults, very hard for middle schoolers.

We will send out the tentative lineup on later today.

Next Tuesday, Mar 7, we will not be taking all of our swimmers to Bluffton because it is a smaller pool.Please plan on going unless we contact you directly.We will get to that later this week, one thing at a time, got to get thru 2 midterms this week!

Here are 2 short YouTube videos that cover about 90% of our freestyle problems.We would love it if your swimmer would take a look at these. Also, a breast stroke video

Common freestyle breathing problems

paddle vs propeller

Michael Phelps breast stroke

Finally, we will have a short talk on bullying this week.We need to work together as a team.

Upcoming Events

Mon, Feb 27, away meet@ Carroll against Maple Creek, be at Summit no later than 4:45. Bus leaves at 5:00.

Wed, Mar 1, away meet@ Carroll against Carroll, be at Summit no later than 4:45. Bus leaves at 5:00.


Coach Rachel

Coach Deb

Coach Amy

Dear Falcon Parents,

We are well into our meet season now and time is flying! We thank everyone who has signed up to help so far, but we still need a few more volunteers!Please sign up so we can leave your name at the door and you can get in free! We take parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, neighbors, friends, neighbors' friends . . . . Lend a helping hand and you won't regret it!

There is no school on Monday, so OPTIONAL practice is at the regular time, dive: 4:45-6:00, swim: 7:15-8:30.Please have the kids attend if possible.

Ourmeet on Tues, 2/21 against Bellmont is home.We will send out the lineup on Monday. Be at the pool by 4:30 meetstarts at 5:30.

Upcoming Events:

Tues, 2/23, meet Bellmont@ Summit

Mon, 2/27,awaymeet against Maple Creek

Wed, 3/1,awaymeet against Carroll

As usual, you can find this info on the website as well.

Don't forget to sign up to help at the meet and GO FALCONS!

Dear Falcon Parents,

Congratulations to all the swimmers who swam their first meet on Wed! Thank you to all the parents, relatives, siblings and swimmers that helped out at the meet.We can't do this without you!Please sign up on line to volunteer at future home meets.

Spirit wear looks absolutely great!Our spirit wear is always so unique because every year it is designed by one or more of our 8thgraders.This year our designer is Jose Guzman.Well done, Jose! If you have any issues with your spirit wear, please contact Jen Ramos directly,

Pictures are after school on Mon, 2/13.Please wear a team suit if you have one and bring your picture form that was handed out at the parent meeting. The students are to go to collab after school and Coach Rachel or I will come get them from the cafetorium about 2:50.They will have time to change before pictures. Then we will get on the bus about 4:00! This will be a very long day. We will have snacks on the bus, but please pack a meal for your child to eat as well.Divers, please attend after school for pictures, but there is no diving at Crestview. You will have regular practice.

Our first away meet isthis Mon, 2/13@ Huntington Y against Crestview middle school.

Parkview Huntington Family YMCA
1160W 500N, Huntington, IN 46750
(260) 359-9622

Remember for the upcoming away meets, if your child does not ride the bus home, you must give us awritten note,not a text or an email.A child can only go home with their immediate family.

If anyone found a swac cap and rainbow goggles, please let us know.Someone is missing them.

If you are new to the distribution, you can find all of the old correspondence on the website.


Regular practice Mon, 2/13

Norwell home meet Tues, 2/14

No dive practice Wed, 2/15

Upcoming Events

Mon, 2/13 - collab after school, pictures 3:00, bus at 4:00, home about 8:30, divers, regular practice

Tues, 2/14 - home meet against Norwell, be at Summit by 4:30

Wed, 2/15 - no dive practice, no swim practice - Woodside home meet

Mon, 2/20 - NO SCHOOL - OPTIONAL swim practice 7:15-8:30

Tues, 2/21 - home meet against Bellmont, be at Summit by 4:30

We will send out the tentative lineup for Crestview on Sunday.

All our best,

Coach Rachel

Coach Deb

Coach Amy

Dear Falcon Parents,

So much to say this week! The kids are working so hard!

Big news! Our first meet is this Wed, Feb 8! It is an unscored, fun (but official) meet with Woodside. Kids must go home after school and return at 4:30 and bring a sharpie pen. They cannot wait around after school. Just a reminder . . . SwimmersMAY NOTleave after their last event, and swimmersMAY NOTchange out of their suits until thelast relay is over, we havecheered for the opposing team, andcleaned up the bleachersat the end of the meet. Middle school swim is a TEAM sport. Divers may leave after diving.

Be sure to write names in team suits! They all look alike! We will send out the tentative heat sheet on Tues. Please be aware that we may have to make last minute changes on Wed.

All kids will be attending the Crestview meet unless we spoke with you directly.

Here is the address for the Crestview meet on Mon, Feb 13. The cost is about $5 per person to enter.

Parkview Huntington Family YMCA
1160W 500N, Huntington, IN 46750
(260) 359-9622

For all away meets, all kids must ride the bus home, UNLESS, we have a handwritten note, signed by a parent, that you are driving your child home. No texts, no emails, no phone calls. Hand written note only! You may only transport your own child!

If you haven't turned in your $10 transportation money, please turn it in soon. Please make checks payable to Summit.

Thank you to all the volunteers that have signed up so farJ! Please volunteer for the meet on Wed and the rest of our home meets! We need dive volunteers too! The kids are so proud when they see you. Sign up online at: Summit/Athletics/Swimming678/VOLUNTEERS and get in for FREE!!!!

We need people to learn how to run the computer during the meets! It's not hard, it just takes a little training. Please let me know if your swimmer or diver would like to sing the National Anthem at the meet on Wednesday.

Remember to call, text, or email if your swimmer or diver is not in school, or is in school, but will not be at practice. We do not get the attendance list any more.

Thank you for picking up your swimmers and divers within 20 minutes of practice ending.

Tues, Feb 7, the Athletic Director will be checking grades of all athletes. PLEASE make sure your student has all homework turned in so that they are not ineligible.

There is an error on the handout that I gave out at the parent meeting. Please disregard all the info about the schedule and use the schedule that is online. We will announce weekly when to be at Summit and when the bus will leave.

There are a few schedule changes that we were just made aware of. Maple Creek and Carroll have adjusted their meet start time to 6:00 instead of 5:30. Conference team practice Mon, Mar 13, 2:30-3:30, Wed, Mar 15, 5-6. We will have that in the "Upcoming Events" as it gets closer.

The Valentines dance on Mon, Feb 6 is a school sponsored activity, so it is fine to go there instead of practice. If you don't intend on going to the dance, please be at practice!

There is no school on Friday, Feb 10, so we will have OPTIONAL practice at the regular time, 2:30-3:30. Please arrive at 2:15.

Upcoming Events:

Mon, 2/6 - Valentines dance 6:00, Come to practice if you are not going to the dance!

Tue, 2/7 - Probation cut off date! PLEASE make sure all homework is turned in so that no one is ineligible

Wed, 2/8 - meet with Woodside, be at the Summit pool by 4:30!

Fri, 2/10 - OPTIONAL swim practice at regular time,2:30-3:30(be in the stands by 2:15)

Mon, 2/13 - Pictures after school! Crestview AWAY meet, bus leaves 4:00

Tues, 2/14 - Home meet against Norwell, be at Summit at 4:30

All of this will be posted on the website along with any other late, breaking news.

Peace be with you and GO FALCONS!!

Rachel, Deb, and Amy

SMS Swim and Dive - Week 1

Dear Falcon Parents,

Thank you to all that attended the parent meeting and to all that have already signed up to help.We still need more help!Please check sign up genious on our website.

Thank you to all who have turned in the transportation money.Please send that in soon if you haven't yet.$10 Check can be made out to Summit Middle School or cash is fine.

If you picked up the wrong checkbook by accident, please turn it in to the Summit Middle School office.

We are also looking for parents willing to judge diving at away meets!Please see Coach Amy.

Please don't forget to write your names in the swimsuits!They all look the same!

For the 2 meets that will be in 6 lane pools, Crestview and Bluffton, we have decided that we will leave the kids home that are not on the roster for those meets instead of bringing them along to cheer.Sorry if that is a disappointment.

Team caps will be handed out at the jamboree on Feb 8.

There are still a few emails that are missing or incorrect on my part, so if you know someone that is not on this list, please forward this along. Also I will post this on the website.

Finally, I'm almost afraid to say this, but January is almost over and we haven't missed a single practice due to snow days!

Upcoming events:

Mon, Jan 30, 9:00 am. online store closes!

Spirit wear should be in before the Jamboree and we will hand it out at practice.

Peace to all and GO FALCONS!

Rachel and Deb