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Summit Track & Field 2021

Coach Contact Information:

James Gater -

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Matt Lindelein -

Debby Rowan -
Athletic Director, Jason Cordes -

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Important Notes:

Spirit Wear Online Store: TBA

Shoes: Fleet Feet and 3 Rivers Running Company are good sources for shoes

Transportation Fee: $10, Make check payable to Summit Middle School or Cash

Pictures: Wednesday, April 14

Conference Meet: Wednesday, May 12th 5:00pm @ Carroll Middle School

Uniform Return: See Coaches

Coaching/Training Philosophy: Built on trust, commitment, and caring (sportsmanship). You have to trust us as coaches just as we trust you as parents. 

Practice Expectations: Practices Monday through Friday are mandatory. Club sports should not interfere with practices and meets. Students may participate in club sports; however, missing Summit track practice for club sports will incur loss of varsity competition spots.  Some school activities such as choir and band are not included in this policy, but athletes must make us aware if they are going to miss for any reason. 

Behavior: For several reasons, including safety, athletes are expected to (1) remain quiet when a coach is giving instruction, (2) run, throw, jump and vault in the proper manner, and (3) avoid horseplay or other actions deemed unsafe by a coach. The following procedures will be implemented:

FIRST OFFENSE: Specific verbal warning. (directed at a very specific student and given one-on-one)

SECOND OFFENSE (same day): The athlete will be asked to call home to arrange a ride for immediate pickup and will wait next to the coach until that ride arrives.

Repeating this pattern during subsequent practices WILL result in practice suspension (3rd full set of offenses or five “first offenses”) and, eventually, removal from the team. (4th full set or seven“first offenses”)

Daily Running Gear: Layers of clothing, watch, water bottle, and good running shoes.  Shoes must be replaced every 300-400 miles, so new shoes should be purchased every season for injury prevention.

Pick Up Times: Practice runs from 3-4:30pm. Athletes are expected to be picked up at the designated time, no later.  If a player’s ride continues to be truant, they will be asked to find a different way to get home.  If practice ends at 4:30, an athlete’s ride should be at Summit at 4:25.

Meet Expectations: All student athletes are expected to wear their school uniforms, a team tee-shirt, and warm-ups (if necessary) to meets.  Outer layer of clothing must be Summit gear (tee, hoodie, etc.). Athletes should wear training flats to meets and varsity athletes should consider spikes. 

Transportation Slip/Fee: Prior to our first meet all athletes should have a transportation slip completed and returned to the coaches along with the mandatory $10 fee.  All athletes are required to pay this fee regardless of their specific choice to use or waive bus transportation. These slips will allow parents to indicate which away meets they plan to provide their own transportation for their athlete to/from the meet.  A bus will be available for all athletes but it is not required to ride the bus if that has been indicated on a transportation slip.  You do not need to be signed out from home meets, but please let a coach know if you need to leave after your events for any reason.

Uniforms: School-issued uniforms are provided as attire to be worn during competition.  Uniforms must be returned to a coach at the end of the season.  If lost, athletes will be expected to reimburse the athletic department for the replacement cost.  *Please wash uniforms after each meet in cold water and hang-dry to extend longevity. There are also uniform tops for sale on the store site that you can purchase if you would rather own your top.

Injury and Injury Prevention: The following are a few important steps to prevent injury: proper footwear, good nutrition (no soda, energy drinks, junk food, etc.), a multivitamin and calcium, hydration (60oz or more of water per day), rest (lights out at 10pm the night before meets!), and letting adults know about issues. Please consult with your family doctor/pediatrician/orthopedic specialist about any persistent issues. The Homestead trainer is available at 2:15-5:00. They can be reached at 431-2240. 

Representatives of SMS: Your children represent our school and our community in all things we say and do. Good sportsmanship is expected.  Athletes must use caution when communicating with others through social media—what they do and say online is also a reflection of themselves and the program.  For safety, NO CELL PHONES WILL BE ALLOWED OUT IN THE LOCKER ROOM OR ON THE TRACK.  Any athlete found disobeying this rule will have their cell phone confiscated.  A parent or guardian can pick it up directly from one of the coaches after practice.

Academics: Students must remain eligible academically to be able to compete in meets and invitationals.  Midterms are reported to the athletic director on Monday, April 26th with all athletes required to maintain passing grades in six courses.  Students identified with failing grades on April 26th will be placed on athletic probation and a study plan will be developed.  If the plan is not completed to satisfaction, eligibility may be forfeited.

Meet Schedule: Athletes can go home on meet days or stay after-school at co-lab.  We will be there after co-lab to watch any athletes that stay.  They should come prepared with homework to work on for the hour between 3:00-4:00 when we wait for busses.  Please bring healthy snacks.

Volunteers: We are looking for as many parents as possible to sign-up to help with all of our home meets.  If you would like to help with one or more of our meets, please be watching for volunteer information from the coaches.

Face Masks: Athletes are required to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at all times unless they are engaged in a physical activity.  It is highly recommended to wear a gaiter that can be quickly and easily pulled up over their nose/mouth and pulled down without worry of storing or losing it.  When the athletes can be spaced beyond six feet and maintain their distance, coaches may let them remove their masks during that time.

Bus Conduct: It is a privilege to travel as a team. When traveling to and from meets on school busses, students are expected to remain in their assigned seat, keep their hands to themselves, stay out of the aisles, speak quietly, refrain from putting any object or body part outside of the windows, and abstain from eating or drinking on the bus due to Covid-19 regulations. Above all, students are expected to respect and follow the orders of their coaches and bus drivers. Misconduct will lead to disciplinary action, including conferences with parents and assigned seating.  Multiple offenses will incur additional disciplinary actions, such as inability to ride the bus for the remainder of the season, loss of varsity position(s), and/or removal from the team at athletic director Jason Cordes’ discretion.