Writer's Summit

Writer’s Summit is a group for those who love to create with their words. Whether a person enjoys writing short stories, poetry, lyrics, or even a novel, Writer’s Summit is the place to read, write, and share. Each meeting writers start with a fun group activity, read aloud their most recent writings, provide constructive feedback while listening to others, write in response to a prompt, enjoy hot chocolate (our mainstay) and a treat,
and converse with your peers and high school writers.

Everyone is invited to attend; there are no dues, but we do ask that you help us raise money to cover the cost of snacks by working concessions one time. Each year, writers can buy a T-shirt which is usually about $5.

Come when you can; if you have other activities (sports, play, etc.) it is okay to join them and come to meetings when you can.

Mrs. Janet Maxwell & High School Assistants.