School Counselor

SOARSummit's school counselors will be in all grade-level Science classrooms in early-October to provide age appropriate instruction focusing on bullying/harassment prevention and reporting.

Sixth grade presentations (October 4 & 5) will focus on defining bullying, preventing bullying, and identifying positive ways to deal with bullying. Seventh grade presentations (October 6 & 7) will focus on cyberbullying; seventh graders will be watching a PBS Frontline video about Ryan Halligan. Eighth grade presentations (October 11 & 12) will focus on sexual harassment; eighth graders will be watching a video entitled "Confronting Sexual Harassment in School: What Every Student Needs to Know."

In addition, Summit students and faculty members will be participating in our version of Operation Beautiful. Operation Beautiful is a nation-wide campaign with a mission to post positive, anonymous messages in public places (around Summit Middle School) for others to see. The point is WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL and you are enough...just the way you are!

Please contact Mr. Faber or Ms. Miller if you have questions or concerns.